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Windows Blue Screen of Death (shown when a computer crashes). The error given is "memory management"

Compassion: when work stops working

I work. I don’t necessarily have a good work ethic (which I would define as requiring a healthy relationship with one’s time working and not working), but I work. When I’m depressed, I work. When I’m struggling, I work. When...

A black and white image of a young person in a wheelchair. Their head is resting on a wheelchair headreast. They have dark hair and a dark beard, and are wearing glasses. They are white, and they are wearing a black t-shirt with grey lettering, saying "PISS ON PITY"

Adaption = grief + pragmatism

For me, the hardest thing about living with progressive impairment rather than the static impairment I hoped I had is that shifting relationship with the ground. Just as I know what I can do, and what I can expect, this...