Aseptic @ the Saboteur Awards, May 2018 (with Emily Robinson) “The most powerful poetry performance was Aseptic by Jamie Hale & Emily Robinson, accompanying a slideshow background documenting the progress of hospital admission via ambulance. From the chaos of collage emerged something quite profound. “The disabled body is reduced to medical real estate, pinned to the inevitability of birth and death, constrained by limits of health and normality themselves formed in enabled society”, they tell Write Out Loud.

However, with a non-linear mélange of found sources and searing lyric, including hospital letters, administration documentation, and medical notes, they “reject the notion that to be disabled is to be inherently pitiable”, showing “there is another way to conceptualise ‘the disabled’”. From looking at self as other, “property sold at auction”, to “Self as annihilation” or “Self as reclamation”, along with the “sanctification of suffering as self-development”, their endless iterations of self-portraiture demonstrated an impressively rigorous process of scrutiny” – Jade Cuttle, Write Out Loud

Transpose @ the Barbican Centre, December 2017: “…poet Jamie Hale whose full-on engagement with the daily meaning of what it is to be disabled, queer and trans both commanded our attention and found form in writing of exquisite delicacy and linguistic precision…incisive verbal choices and elegant switches of rhythm in poetry and prose that followed. This is writing of the highest quality, finding fresh language and new approaches…Above all it is their sensitivity to the use and abuse of language that stands out as exceptional in choice and treatment of theme” – Tim Hochstrasser, Plays to See

Transpose @ the Barbican Centre, December 2017: “Witty, tongue in cheek humour” – Saskia Coomber, A Younger Theatre