An experienced curator, I have worked with venues such as the Wellcome Collection and the Barbican Centre to curate events under the CRIPtic branding, including CRIPtic 2019 and the upcoming CRIPtic 2021, which will include a national structured training and mentoring programme for d/Deaf and disabled artists.

CRIPtic x Wellcome, in January 2021, will be a panel discussion based on the series of articles I wrote for the Wellcome Collection, titled Art, Activism and Access. It will be hosted by myself, and will feature:

Amelia Cavallo

Sarah Ezekiel

Miss Jacqui

Keith Salmon


Emma Selwyn


Taking place in August 2020, Experimental was an accessible online writing retreat curated and led by myself. It contained 14 writers, and had masterclasses led by Raymond Antrobus (poetry), Elsa Sjunneson (essay), and Anne Finger (fiction), with readers including Khairani Barokka (poetry). 

CRIPtic Pit Party

Hosted in the Pit at the Barbican in Autumn 2019, CRIPtic was a showcase I curated, featuring my solo show, NOT DYING, along with a number of acts commissioned to accompany it.

NOT DYING was directed by Kate O’Donnell and filmed by Samuel Dore, with the music written by Lucy Hale (no relative) and played by Stephan Ellenburger. The other acts were directed by Shereen Hamilton and had Lucy Hayward as creative producer. They were:

Amelia Cavallo

Jackie Hagan

Jessi Parrot


Katie Walters and Elle Chante

Donna Williams