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Jamie in an electric wheelchair in front of bushes, looking into the distance
Jamie outside in their electric wheelchair, against a green grassy background. They are white, with dark red hair and beard, and are wearing red glasses, a blue plaid shirt, and a leather jacket.

Indies Flock To Rising Trans Disabled Writer – “An extraordinary talent […] with wry humour, dignity, and warmth […] Jamie’s amazing gift is to make the invisible visible”Broadcast Magazine (2021)

“I found that I had to tone down some of the more angry sections of my show, because sort of early feedback was that I was slightly losing my audience, because they were either feeling like, we’re already doing the work, why are you yelling at us for doing the work? Or they were like, we’re disabled, and we know this already? Why are you yelling at us?” – The Barbican, Inspired with Jamie Hale and Hannah Gadsby, (2020),

“I used to have terrible stage fright. I think that I partly realised that people are going to stare at me, whatever I do. So I might as well give them something to stare at.” – BBC Ouch – Meet the Vulnerables, (2020)

“I know that I push and pull at them, but that’s part of the journey, for me. I am excited by the edge of danger – that the only thing between me and disaster is my performance, and I love feeling a sensation that the performance is flowing, that we’re communicating, and that the audience is responding to the gifts I’ve offered them.” – Jamie Hale & Naomi Woddis, Naomi’s September News (2019)

CRIPtic @ the Barbican, October 2019

“It’s really important to me that the work centres the disabled experience and invites the audience inside that – to feel the experience of the disabled person in the show, rather than siting themselves as onlookers. ” – Jamie & Aliya – Spread the Word (2019)

“Ultimately the message comes down to ‘we’re here, and we’re staying here’ – an act of reclaiming the stage as our own, and taking up our places in the (theatre and wider) world.” Jamie Hale & Colin Hambrook – Disability Arts Online (2019)