Jamie Hale in a blue shirt with red hair, glasses and beard
Jamie’s face. They are white, with dark red hair, red glasses, a dark red beard, and are wearing a blue plaid shirt. Their head is on a wheelchair headrest.

An expert in Health and Social Care policy, I am currently working as CEO of Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance, in a jobshare with founder, Jon Rey-Hastie. I am also working for Lewisham Council on a consultancy basis, where I chair the Disabled People’s Commission and am studying for a MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health at University College London.

Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance

As CEO of Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance, I jointly run the largest user-led organisation for people with neuromuscular conditions in Europe. We focus on support, campaigning, policy, research, and advocacy, and our direction is set entirely by our members and trustees. This role works towards influencing the national picture for disabled people, especially those with neuromuscular conditions.

My work at Pathfinders is currently focused on funding, development, strategy and implementing organisational change in the context of a rapidly growing charity.

Lewisham Disabled People’s Commission

As Chair of Lewisham Disabled People’s Commission, I lead a groundbreaking research project into the experiences of d/Deaf and disabled people living in Lewisham. This has led to discussions in the council at the highest level around co-production and has meant that there is a direct line into the council during the COVID-19 pandemic exploring the issues faced by d/Deaf and disabled people.

My primary policy interests are around social care and independent living, and I have a background in the Disabled People’s movement and student politics, including as Disabled Students’ Officer during my undergraduate degree.

Disability arts research and policy

Through CRIPtic Arts I am carrying out research projects exploring the experiences of d/Deaf and disabled people in accessing literature events alongside Spread the Word. I am also carrying out a research project exploring people with the highest access needs and their experiences in theatre in London.