Complaining About Access: How non-disabled people can help

It is a sadly common fact for disabled people (and in the context of this blog, specifically wheelchair users) to be blocked from attending events because of a lack of access, but whenever I discuss this with non-disabled people, they’re shocked that this happens at all. A lot of people fall prey to the JustContinue reading “Complaining About Access: How non-disabled people can help”

Adaptive Product Reviews: Wheelchair Edition (Salsa M2)

……….Wheelchair Services have offered my son a Salsa M electric wheelchair. How do you find this wheelchair, and what postural set-up do you use? The parent of a boy with muscular dystrophy asking on a forum for young disabled people I was given this wheelchair by wheelchair services, so I offered to write a comprehensiveContinue reading “Adaptive Product Reviews: Wheelchair Edition (Salsa M2)”

Five great tips for using London buses in a wheelchair

Having lived in London for three years, I’ve taken a lot of buses. In that time, I’ve been sworn at by drivers, had a woman accuse me of trying to kill her baby, been shouted and sworn at by passengers, and been chased off a bus in tears – all for trying to assert my legalContinue reading “Five great tips for using London buses in a wheelchair”

A Poet in London? Not if you’re travelling by wheelchair!

Building a career as a poet in London is hard enough – doing it while relying on wheelchair accessible public transport is almost impossible The problem with trying to build a performance poetry career in London is that London is a big city, and early-career you really don’t want to turn down any bookings. ThisContinue reading “A Poet in London? Not if you’re travelling by wheelchair!”

Shape Up on Wheelchair Access (seriously)

Wheelchair access isn’t an optional extra, and ‘the left’ needs to stop treating it as if it is Stop pretending wheelchair access is optional, not essential We need to talk about left-wing venues and talks, vegan restaurants, queer spaces, upstairs rooms in pubs, poetry nights, related “alternative” events, and why they often ban wheelchair usersContinue reading “Shape Up on Wheelchair Access (seriously)”

How to respond when you’re asked about wheelchair access

When ostensibly ‘social justice’ or ‘left wing’ events don’t put access details on their websites, they’re functionally excluding disabled people – but how should you respond when asked about wheelchair access? When I have to email your space or event to ask you about wheelchair access, I’m already annoyed. I’m annoyed because you should beContinue reading “How to respond when you’re asked about wheelchair access”