As a multidisciplinary creative, my recent major projects include:


Shield will be published by Verve in Jan 2021 and is a series of sonnets from different voices exploring experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

‘These are arresting, heart-stopping poems lit with a rare intensity. Hale’s poems don’t pull any punches, they explore what it is to live in a body and on the way touch the centre of the fragility deep inside all of us. Humane poems that will make you ache.’ 

–  Mona Arshi

Experimental – an online writing retreat for d/Deaf and disabled writers

Experimental ran from 31/8/20 to 7/9/20 and offered an online, Zoom based writing retreat to fourteen d/Deaf and disabled writers. It was curated by myself, and produced by Spread the Word. Experimental offered a full mentoring programme across poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, of including a workshop in each genre led by myself, masterclasses (from Raymond Antrobus, Anne Finger and Elsa Sjunnesson), readings (from Khairani Barokka, Sara Nović and Kayla Whaley), and industry sessions on poetry, agents, and publishing.

Participants described it as:
“One of the best experiences of writing development and community I’ve accessed” – Lucy Goodwill
“the space was so engaging and welcoming for everyone” – Jenny Alderton

When We Got Sick – commission for Graeae’s Crips Without Constraints

When We Got Sick was a monologue commissioned by Graeae, a Deaf and disabled-led theatre company. A good example of my writing for theatre, it explored the current pandemic through the eyes of a survivor of the AIDS epidemic.

“Jamie is a poet, and a glorious poet, and I mean that he is literally a poet but he is also a poet in how he sees the world, and this is a beautiful, I think, piece, about how we look at death and how we look after each other and I really hope people enjoy it, Jamie’s a very special writer and a very special human being.” – Jack Thorne (writer), introduction to video

“A tender and heart-breaking few minutes which will resonate with all of us – be ready and armed with tissues for this watch.” – Kate Lovell, Disability Arts Online

NOT DYING – solo poetry, narrative storytelling and comedy show


NOT DYING is my self-written and solo-performed show, combining poetry, comedy, narrative storytelling and drama. It explores my experiences moving between the categories of ‘dying’ and ‘not dying’ and what it means to make art amidst this experience of flux. It was developed through Barbican OpenLab, before being performed at the Lyric Hammersmith in June 2019 and the Barbican Centre as part of CRIPtic, a showcase of d/Deaf and disabled artists curated by myself in October 2019.

“an acerbically funny and deeply thought-provoking monologue […] Hale is a compelling and witty performer who makes you laugh and reflect in equal measure” – Agnes Carrington-Windo, Plays to See

Unashamedly loud and proud, Hale comes alive – and is indeed at his best – when he’s making comedy […] he takes command of the stage […] He’s clearly on the ascendant with last years’ Spread the Word award under his belt. He comes across as confident and full of potential as a writer and performer.” – Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online

CRIPtic Pit Party 2019 at the Barbican Centre

In 2019 I curated a showcase of d/Deaf and disabled artists at the Barbican Centre, to accompany my solo show, NOT DYING. For this, I commissioned work from the following artists:

  • Amelia Cavallo
  • Signkid
  • Jackie Hagan
  • Katie Walters and Ella Chante
  • Jessi Parrott
  • Donna (DL) Williams

Selling out its opening night, this showcase offered a varied and riotous display of what d/Deaf and disabled artists can do when given the space to produce our own work and tell our own stories. My role involved curating the project, funding and applications to ACE, project and budget management, some of the producing, developing the application process and commissioning artists, directors, etc.

Art, Activism and Access – The Wellcome Trust

Art, Activism and Access is an article series exploring the d/Deaf and disabled arts scene, and critically engaging with the challenges that it faces. Focusing on showcasing and building the profile of emerging disabled artists, I have written about artists including Amelia Cavallo, Keith Salmon, Sarah Ezekiel, Miss Jacqui and Jenny Sealey.

“This iteration of the Barbican’s Pit Party series has shown that D/deaf and disabled performers have much to offer theatre, even though most of our industry tends to shun and ignore them” – Scott Matthewman – The Reviews Hub

Other projects

Previous projects include:

  • Shield – my first poetry pamphlet (Verve, Jan 2021)
  • Poetry and Place – a poetry workshop by post for elderly and isolated Lewisham residents, 2020
  • Barbican OpenLab residency 2018
  • Invisible Fest performance, 2018, Rich Mix
  • Transpose performances in 2017 & 2018 at the Barbican Centre
  • London Writers’ Awards for Poetry, 2018 (including performance at the South Bank Centre)
  • Shape Arts showcase, Tate Modern, 2018
  • Saboteur Awards showcase, 2018