Training and Consultancy

A picture of Jamie's head and shoulders, advertising their training and consultancy services. They have bleached hair with a ginger beard, and are wearing glasses.
Jamie’s face. They are white and have bleach blonde hair. They are wearing blue and orange glasses. The sides of their hair, and their beard, are ginger, and their head is in a wheelchair headrest.

As well as my creative services, I offer training and consultancy. This covers Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Access Consultancy, and Policy Research and Consultancy. To find out more and discuss potential fees:

Training Packages

General and disability-specific Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training: exploring discrimination, law, and what organisations can do to model good practice. This is focused on equality and rights.

Disability Justice training. This introduces you to a model that goes beyond rights and into justice and equity for disabled people focusing on intersectional and cross-movement work.

Anti-Ableism training, exploring how organisations can move beyond equality and inclusion to becoming actively anti-ableist as organisations. This will dismantle the idea that we are (or should be) non-disabled, reframing your perspective entirely.


I take a systems analysis approach to initiating my access consultancy work. To change a system one must understand it. By recognising the fixed and flexible constraints, you can find solutions.

Once I know the environment, I bring my creative experience to the table, seeking solutions and work-arounds to improve access.

Whilst training is about changing your organisation’s knowledge and processes, access consultancy offers an in-depth assessment of operations or programmes. This is paired with custom training packages and reports to support you in making the changes you need.

I have carried out this work with organisations across the arts, education, non-profit, activist and health, and social care sectors.

Mentoring and Coaching

I am an experienced manager and offer management coaching. I have a focus on supporting other disabled and neurodivergent people into management roles, exploring the strengths that can be drawn from the disabled experience.

For disabled people, mentoring and coaching are valuable ways to build networks and gain understanding and experience, but we are often closed off from traditional opportunities to do this. My mentoring and coaching support people to recognise and use their strengths, understand the priorities of the people they’re working with, and to develop confidence and skills in the workplace.


I have extensive experience carrying out research working not just in the arts, but across health, social care, and local government.

My combined background in health economics and policy and the arts gives me skills in shaping and carrying out qualitative research, and communicating the outcomes to stakeholders, from Lewisham Council to Arts Council England.

Whether you are looking to commission a research project, or communicate the implications of existing research,

You can read more about my research and policy consultancy work here.

Jamie ran two excellent workshops on disability justice for our staff team at NEON. The workshops helped us to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary issues facing disabled people, particularly within our social movement spaces, and explored how we can apply that knowledge in practical ways we can develop and deliver our programmes.

Katie Shaw NEON (New Economy Organisers Network)

Jamie’s bespoke disability awareness training sessions are informative, interactive, and dynamic. They worked with us carefully to ensure that the training met the needs of the participants and spoke to their specific concerns. They have transformed our understandings of disability, enabled us to support colleagues and students more effectively, and empowered us to forge creative solutions to a range of issues. We are so fortunate to have benefited from Jamie’s expertise, and heartily recommend them as a trainer to any organisation. 

Professor Gillian Roberts – Professor of Contemporary Literature and Culture, Faculty of Arts, Nottingham University
Dr Tara Webster-Deakin – Assistant Professor, Widening Participation and Outreach Manager, Faculty of Arts; Nottingham University