Jamie Hale

Myself, with short red hair, red glasses, and a blue and white shirt in front of a map of Lewisham
A black and white photo showing a white person in an electric wheelchair in the centre of the photo. Behind the person and along the length of the image are blurred bushes, showing that the electric wheelchair is moving rapidly.
Jamie Hale – Benjamin Gilbert // Wellcome Collection

Jamie Hale is a UK based poet, artist, writer, and activist, who has written for publications including the Guardian, Poetry Quarterly, and Unite Magazine. They were one of the awardees of the London Writers’ Awards for Poetry 2018, and have performed their work at venues including the Tate Modern and the Barbican Centre. They are also currently studying at UCL.

Jamie is currently working on curating a showcase of disabled artists titled CRIPtic, and completing their solo show NOT DYING. They developed this in a residency in the Pit Theatre at the Barbican in 2019, and are preparing to tour it in 2019. They are also writing a collection of nature poetry exploring the body, impairment, and disability through writing about the natural landscape.

Much of their work explores the day to day experiences of disability, disablism, and being queer and trans in the world, but they also take inspiration from anything from the Bible and Greek mythology to music and daily life. Whether they are writing opinion pieces on assisted suicide, or sonnets about canals, their work draws on a deep value for human existence.

They are available for poetry features and performances and also offer lectures and speeches on topics related to disability.

They are experienced in running poetry workshops with groups of disabled and non-disabled children and adults.

They offer training services for organisations on supporting disabled staff and service users. They can speak from a service user perspective on issues of health and social care.

They can also provide sensitivity reading for gender, sexuality and disability.

To contact or book, please email hale.jamie.r@gmail.com

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