Disabled at Uni

A desk with books stacked at the back. On the desk are five white dice with, instead of numbers, black letters. Lined up, the dice say (one letter per die) "STUDY".

Disabled at Uni series

This covers a number of aspects of the disabled student experience, serving as advice and guidance on studying as a disabled student, the support that’s out there, and how to access it. The posts on it are all in this category and can be found here.

  1. Applying to study
  2. Disabled Students’ Allowance
  3. Before your course begins (and who’s there to help)
  4. Accomodation, social care, and healthcare
  5. Starting to study

Studying as a disabled student can be logistically complex, with numerous things to consider. During my Undergraduate degree I received a lot of support from my (small) University, and after I graduated I took 3 years out. I returned to University to begin a Master’s this autumn, and have written this series of articles on returning to study whilst disabled. I’m hoping it will help other students facing the same challenges I faced.

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