A statue of Icarus

Icarus, by Jamie Hale, published in Poetry Quarterly – Winter 2018

Icarus is told as a tragedy

But to love life that much

For one perfect moment – he soared

And his end obscures that

The arching of our backs

The aching for wings.

It’s only when I flew myself

That I understood the precipice

Over which he danced

Let the wind last just one second longer

To keep these few moments flying

I’ll risk the plunge into the spray

Spread my arms and face the gale.

That moment before orgasm

Where sweat rolls down your face

Arching with pleasure

There’s nothing like wings

Lost to the wind’s ferocity

Cradled only by chances

And if these chances – moments –

Are all I have, like Icarus

I’ll give up the future,

Let the wind tear my skin from my bones

And dance with it between the stars

Let the sun melt my wax

To keep me flying

Sacrifice it all

For those endless moments

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