Knights of the Round Table

As a commission for the podcast Bedtime Stories for the End of the World I wrote a series of poems merging Arthurian legend, history, and themes to build a wold tracing ripples through those characters. I was lucky enough to be paired with Momtaza Mehri, who made excellent suggestions on the poems, and we did a podcast (link) for Bedtime Storiestranscript (link).

I wrote five sections in total, and they can be found linked below. If you want to listen to an audio file of them, click here (link)

If you want to read them, they are linked below:

Guinevere – Hastings – 1066

Perceval – Eyam – 1665

Galehaut – Los Angeles – 1985

Gawain – Teufelsberg – 1989

Fisher King – Frensham – 2120

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