A picture of Jamie's head and shoulders

Facilitation & workshops

Experienced at facilitating workshops at venues including the Barbican Centre, as well as running a creative writing retreat for d/Deaf and disabled writers, I facilitate poetry, essay, and fiction workshops, as well as scriptwriting and approaches to direction. I have worked extensively


I have trained everyone from Councillors to lecturers, student bodies to arts organisations, business executives to freelancers in the social model of disability, and how an approach that focuses on the barriers people face (rather than their underlying conditions) is the best way to both provide an excellent service – and change the world. Linking personal development to organisational and societal change, I am a confident trainer, facilitator, and group leader.

Access advisory

As an experienced external consultant with expertise in access, and a specialisation in arts and theatre, I’m aware of the physical and budgetary constraints that often concern people when considering access – and of how imaginative thinking and a bit of commitment to actively including d/Deaf and disabled people can overcome these. Whether you want to discuss making a building, a theatre show, or an exhibition accessible to d/Deaf and disabled people, I’m able to help.

Editing and feedback

I have lots of experience in editing and feedback for poetry, as well as essay and other forms of creative writing. I am able to provide written or verbal feedback depending on your preference, and have a quick turn-around time where required. Whether it’s a poem, a collection, a book, or a PhD, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Sensitivity reading

From podcast to poetry and novel, I have worked as a sensitivity reader commissioned both directly and through organisations, most recently for the Tan France’s Queer Icons series. I am confident exploring themes of gender and sexuality from multiple angles of the queer lens (as a genderqueer person who has lived as everything from a lesbian to a gay man, via a rather delightful FtM transition), as well as lived experience with progressive physical impairment, disability, mental health problem, neurodivergence, and being hard of hearing. As someone who went from walking to wheels, and now uses a ventilator, I’ve got a wide spread of experience from which to draw when I consider how these topics are approached in your work.